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Take a Virtual Tour
Welcome Wildcats! Take a Virtual Tour of our school!
Bus Information Hybrid Learning
Use the link below to locate bus information for Hybrid Learning
Hybrid Reopening

Hybrid Reopening Video Thumbnail Please watch our video for important information regarding Hybrid Reopening
New Time Schedule Begins Monday, March 1st
This schedule begins Monday, March 1st while we remain in our all virtual setting. These time will remain in effect for the remained of the school year.
Curbside Meals at High School Locations Time Change

Curbside Meals at High School Locations Time Change Curbside Meals at High School Locations "New Time" 10:30am - 11:00am, Effective March 1, 2021.
Senior Banners!! Class of '21

Senior Banners!! Class of '21 Congratulations! Your child's last semester has just begun. We know that you are very proud of your child's accomplishments.
The school counseling department is offering you an opportunity to display a message to your son or daughter to commemorate his/her success on their own banner. This is the 8th year we are sponsoring this event, and I can tell you, students are thrilled when they see their banners!
Banners will be hung from the hallway ceilings for the 4th marking period. Students keep their banners at the end of the school year.
Registration now open for School Day SAT for Juniors
The SAT will be offered for free for all interested Juniors on Wednesday March 24th at the school. Registration is now open.
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